University of Aleppo

FoundationUniversity of Aleppo

--After the independence, there was only one university in Damascus. In 1946 the faculty of civil engineering in Aleppo was built, and connected to University of Damascus that was the core of the University of Aleppo.

--In 1958 the government published the law that contained a project of building a university in Aleppo to be the second university in the country. So in the 1960 it was the birth of our University and contained faculty of civil engineering and faculty of agriculture

Other Faculties

1961-1962 building Faculty of Laws
1963-1964 building Faculty of Economy
1965 building Faculty of Medicine
1966 building Faculty of Languages
1967 building Faculty of Science
1969 building Faculty of Veterinary in Hama
1976 building Institute of Arab Scientific Heritage
1979 building Faculty of Dentistry
1993 building Faculty of Pharmacy
1997-1998 building Faculty of Upbringing


--previous presidents of university

Dr. Tawfik Al-Munajed 1960-1967
Dr. Mustafa Ezzat Al-Nassar 1968-1969
Dr. Ahmed Yusef Al-Hasan 1973-1979
At present Mohamed Ali Huriah 1979- jjj

--Now, There is 60,000 students study in all faculties of our university.

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